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The Princess and the Pea

Everybody knows that a princess never cries, so she has got the possibility that she loses her crown, she brings back so much tenderness. Moreover, a pirate can die of sadness. But as you know there is not the greatest treasure that the heart of a princess has been stolen…
Dramatisation of the known story has written by Hans Christian Andersen, where the characters become true in a puppet workshop.
The main character, Amira, Mustafa’s king daughter from Arabia decides to run away, to avoid her father married her with a sultan she does not know, the same story occurred to prince Arnau, when his mother pressure him to fall in love with a girl who can realise that there is a pea under seven mattresses. Everything will change when Amira and Arnau meet.
A puppet show that carries you to a world plenty of imagination, adventures and fantasy. It is a show with music, where a lot of people of different ages (from three years old) could enjoy.

Espectacle de teatre amb anglès per alumnes de 2n a 6è de primària, amb el suport de material pedagògic per treballar a classe. Un espectacle de Festuc Teatre, distribuït per La Bohème Productions

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Àrees de coneixement

  • Teatre
  • Anglès
  • Orientació acadèmica

Competències bàsiques

  • Pensar i comunicar
  • Competència artística i cultural
  • Autonomia i iniciativa personal
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5€ / Alumne ( Preu variable )
L'activitat es realitza en el centre escolar



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